Alice Staniford


Do you have a top tip for doing hard efforts? Turbo so that you don’t crash into a car by veering on the wrong side of the road as you black out. Solid tunes.

Is sleep important to you? Yes! I need so much sleep. At least 9 hours. I turn evil if I don’t get enough sleep.

How did you spend your off season? I led a training camp in Spain – a whole week of sunshine and fantastic food = glorious!

How did you get into racing bikes? Charlie Easton of Look Mum No Hands! lent me a jersey and got me hooked!

What’s your dream ride? I’d like to explore Mongolia but I’m not sure if the roads would be good enough and I also really wouldn’t like carrying all the extra bags….maybe credit card touring in Europe.

What’s the most useful piece of clothing or piece of equipment you have? In the winter: casquette/cap – keeps your head warm and the rain out of your eyes. And also good for the low light that even the best sunglasses can’t help with.
In the Summer: suncream. I’m ginger.

What’s in your jersey pocket? I have a recent love of Tangfastics as a little treat on the bike. I also very rarely leave home without a gilet in my pocket – you never know when you might need that extra layer – whatever time of year.

Are you a numbers girl? Yes. I’m all about the numbers. If my powermeter/bike computer are ever not charged I feel lost!

What’s your favourite thing to eat after a ride? Yes. I’m all about the numbers. If my powermeter/bike computer are ever not charged I feel lost!

What’s your happiest moment on the bike so far? I found it very rewarding leading the cycling camp in Spain this September. It was fantastic to help ladies achieve things they would never have thought they could do at the beginning of the week.

What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome in cycling? Ever since I had a bad crash right at the start of becomming a ‘real’ cyclist (I fractured my neck, puctured a lung, broke some ribs and paralysed my arm) I find it difficult to remain relaxed on descents and blind corners. I have to work hard to stay focussed and just go with the flow.

What’s the best race experience you’ve ever had? Really early on, when I only just started racing (I was still a 4th cat!) I got the opportunity to race some of the Tour Series events. It was fantastic to be lining up alongside junior world champ Lucy Garner and all the BC girls in the lead up to London 2012. (I was terrified of causing a crash and ruining their olympic dreams!)

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